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The Renewable Energy of the Soul: Personal Interests, Creative Acts, and Craftsman-like Performance.

Updated: Mar 12

Renewable energy of the Mind & Soul

The Renewable Energy of Personal Interests

Ultimately, all things are either a source of positive energy or negative energy.

We pour our energy into something for the hopes of gaining more positive emotion (energy) out of it.

The greatest energy asset to capitalize on is our own individual mind.

Our unique personalities and natural interests are like renewable natural energy sources.

The initial investment to harness their power is high, like solar panels, but over time they pay back their initial cost.

And ultimately, they become free energy acquired at no cost or effort at all.

They are naturally sourced, and infinite in potential.

This is what personal brands, businesses, or creative acts are for the spirit.

They start costly and difficult.

Immense effort is put into setting up the initial capabilities.

(Practicing a craft, learning to write, developing competency)

But over time, one produces not out of effort, but out of abundance.

Their cup is overflowed with renewable creative potential.

They create free energy for themselves whenever they wish.

All they must do is return to their own mind’s craft.

Sourcing an infinite renewable resource of the soul.

I wish for all humans to capitalize on, and develop this natural potential.

- Thanks for reading

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